• A Recession Won’t Stop Telecom M&A in 2023

    A Recession Won’t Stop Telecom M&A in 2023

    January 9, 2023 It felt like 2022 was full of deal talk. Whether it was AT&T spinning off WarnerMedia, Lumen Technologies wrapping its ILEC divestiture and selling its EMEA business, or any of the seemingly endless number of private-equity backed telecom acquisitions, the year was positively...
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  • Working the Fiber Technician Workforce Crunch

    Working the Fiber Technician Workforce Crunch

    Working the Fiber Technician Workforce Crunch December 5, 2022 The telecommunications industry realizes it has a workforce shortage and needs to accelerate workforce development. The Wireless Infrastructure Association (WIA) and the Fiber Broadband Association (FBA) have formally announced an in...
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  • Cable’s Slow Ride to Fiber

    How fast will the cable industry move to all-fiber plant? A Credit Suisse financial analyst believes the industry will be slow to upgrade from coax in less competitive areas, not seeing any urgency in upgrading to faster, more reliable technology, with speed and type of upgrades paced by the comp...
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  • EPB Goes 25G PON

    EPB Goes 25G PON

    EPB Goes 25G PON October 20, 2022 Chattanooga, Tennessee, municipal electric utility EBP built the nation’s first community-wide gigabit network in 2010, providing residents and businesses with symmetrical high-speed service over a 100% fiber network. Now EPB is kicking things up another notch ...
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  • Can Plug-and-Play Fiber Tech Bridge the Broadband Labor Shortage?

    As more fiber rollouts are announced across the U.S., the broadband industry is facing a looming problem: finding enough workers to actually deploy the tens of millions of new passings they’ve promised. Government statistics show the number of telecommunications workers has dropped drastically o...
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  • TPG Reaches New Speeds with Adtran Gfast Fiber Extension Portfolio

    Service provider rapidly upgrades broadband speeds in Australia HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – (August 10, 2020)— Adtran®, Inc., (NASDAQ: ADTN), the leading provider of next-generation multi-gigabit fiber access and fiber extension solutions, today announced that TPG Telecom Group (TPG) is leveraging t...
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  • The Big Fiber Rollup is Coming – The Question is When

    July 6, 2022 With billions of dollars both public and private on the table, new fiber players are springing up left and right. Some are small, rural telcos who have decided to make the technology leap from DSL. Others are entirely new entrants targeting strategic pockets of certain states, as Wir...
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  • Adtran Thinks Wavelength Overlay – Not 25G – Will Be PON’s Next Step Forward

    May 10, 2022 There’s no question XGS-PON has center stage for now, but a debate is raging in the telecom industry about what’s next for PON beyond 10-gig technology. Most are of the opinion that either 25-gig or 50-gig will win out, but Adtran has a different idea: wavelength overlays. Ryan McCow...
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  • Horizon Expands Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) into Athens, Ohio

    COLUMBUS, Ohio – April 19, 2022 – Horizon, an Ohio-based fiber-optic broadband company, announces today that it is continuing to expand its regional state-of-the-art fiber-optic network to residents and businesses in Athens, Ohio. This Horizon Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) expansion includes nearly 35...
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  • FCC on Chinese Telecom Ban, NTIA Map ‘Limited,’ New Proposal to Close the Digital Divide

    June 21, 2021—The Federal Communications Commission voted unanimously on Thursday to advance the proposed ban on several Chinese telecom companies. The ban would prevent the companies from having their equipment deployed in US telecom networks. It applies to all future operations, as well as revo...
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  • Sumitomo Electric Develops AirEB™, Multi-fiber Connector with Expanded Beam That Delivers Cost Advantages to the Massive Fiber Optic Network Operators

    Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. has developed AirEB™, a multi-fiber connector with an expanded beam that has optical performance tolerant to the contamination on the connector mating faces that contributes to cost reduction for massive fiber optic network operators. Sumitomo Electric’s innova...
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  • Openreach Selects STL as a Strategic Partner to Help Build its New UK Full Fibre Network

    London – 14 April 2021: STL [NSE: STLTECH], an industry-leading integrator of digital networks, today announced a strategic collaboration with Openreach, the UK’s largest digital network business. Openreach has chosen STL as a key partner to provide optical cable solutions for its new, ultra-fast...
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