• Ceramic Ferrule Market Report to Share Key Aspects of the Industry with the Details of Influence Factors- 2026

    Ferrule is the most important component of Fiber Connectors and Fiber Patch cord. It could be made of different materials, such as plastics, stainless steel, and ceramic (zirconia). Most of the ferrules used in Fiber Optic Connector are made of ceramic (Zirconia) material due to some of the desir...
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  • 5G and IoT device-to-cloud expert Inseego gains $25M equity investment

    5G and IoT device-to-cloud expert Inseego gains $25M equity investment

    Inseego cites itself as “an industry pioneer in 5G and intelligent IoT device-to-cloud solutions that enable high-performance mobile applications for large enterprise verticals, service providers and small-medium sized businesses.” Inseego Corp. (NASDAQ: INSG), a specialist in 5G and...
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  • Google Cloud announces 5G edge deal with AT&T

    Google Cloud announces 5G edge deal with AT&T

    Google Cloud and AT&T announced a collaboration to help enterprises take advantage of Google Cloud’s technologies and capabilities using AT&T network connectivity at the edge, including 5G. Today, Google Cloud and AT&T announced a collaboration to help enterprises take advantage of G...
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  • Duplex connectivity emerges on the path to 400G

    Duplex connectivity emerges on the path to 400G

    The QSFP-DD multi-source agreement recognizes three duplex optical connectors: the CS, SN, and MDC. US Conec’s MDC connector increases density by a factor of three over LC connectors. The two-fiber MDC is manufactured with 1.25-mm ferrule technology. By Patrick McLaughlin Nearly four years...
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  • Siemon offers mobile-friendly interactive data center guide

    New interactive guide helps facility owners and operators solve today’s data center challenges. Global network infrastructure specialist Siemon has introduced its WheelHouse Interactive Data Center Guide, designed to make it easy for data center owners and operators to identify Siemon prod...
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  • Nashville Chosen as Second Google Fiber City for This New Service

    Google Fiber Webpass is now being offered in Nashville, Tenn. The service allows buildings without direct access to a fiber-optic line to receive Google Fiber Internet. Webpass uses radio signals from antennas placed on a building with an existing Google Fiber line to transmit Internet to other b...
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  • Work Nearly Done on Alaskas First Fiber-optic Terrestrial Link to World Wide Web, Via Canada

    Matanuska Telephone Association says it is close to completing a fiber-optic cable network that will reach Alaska. The AlCan ONE network will stretch from the North Pole to Alaska’s border. The cable will then connect to a new Canadian fiber-optic network. That project is being built by Nor...
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  • Studies Show that Fiber Positively Impacts GDP and Is an Economic Boon

    We understand that there is a correlation between access to high-speed fiber broadband networks and economic prosperity. And this makes sense: people living in communities with fast Internet access can take advantage of all of the economic and educational opportunities available online — and that...
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  • 5G should boost IT spending in 2020, but soft PC market, plus Coronavirus, may inhibit: IDC

    Excluding smartphones, IT spending is projected to dip from 7% growth in 2019 to 4% in 2020, according to an updated industry analysis from IDC. A new update to the International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide Black Books report forecasts that total ICT spending, including IT spending in additi...
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  • Facebook thinks it has a better way to deploy fiber-optic cable

    Facebook researchers have reportedly developed a way to reduce the cost of deploying fiber-optic cable – and have agreed to license it to a new company. By STEPHEN HARDY, Lightwave – In a recent blog post, an employee at Facebook revealed that company researchers have developed a way to red...
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  • Fiber: Supporting Our Connected Future

    “Super workers” in robotic suits. Reverse aging. Digital pills. And yes, even flying cars. It is possible that we will see all of these things in our future, at least according to Adam Zuckerman. Zuckerman is a futurist who makes predictions based on current trends in technology and he spoke abou...
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  • Cloud data centers, servers and network connectivity: 5 key trends

    Dell’Oro Group projects that enterprise workloads will continue to consolidate to the cloud, as cloud data centers scale, gain efficiencies, and deliver transformative services.   By BARON FUNG, Dell’Oro Group – As we enter a new decade, I would like to share my view on the key ...
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