• Fiber Array

Fiber Array

Fiberconcepts’ Fiber Array Block Units utilize quartz, pyrex or tempax substrate and special fabrication technologies which achieve accurate fiber position and high reliability to meet different requirements. The FABUs are produced by placing fibers in precision glass v-groove substrate with another flat glass chip on top to form a 3-point contact with unique material and processing technologies. This enables packaging designers to match the thermal expansion coefficient of FABU with pigtail device.

Product description

Key Features:

● High Precise Fiber Core-to-core Accuracy
● Low Insertion Loss and High Reliability
● Angle Polishing and Customized Product Available
● Different Fiber Connector (Optional)


● Planar Lightwave Circuits Devices
● Array Waveguide Grating (AWG’s)
● Arrayed Active and Passive Fiber Devices
● MEMS Devices
● Multi-Channel Micro-optic Modules


Standard 1,2,4,8,16,32,48 Fiber Position
8°, 45° or Customized Polishing Angle Available


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